Create READ ONLY Responsibility

on Monday, January 25, 2010


AAIdentify the menu that is attached to the GL super user and Payables manager.

AAIdentify the form functions that are attached to this menu.

AANow create a new form function exactly similar to the standard one but with the option
aaaaQUERY_ONLY="YES" in the location

    a Sysadmin
è application è function è Form è Parameter.

     This makes the function read only.

AANow create a new menu with these read-only functions and attach the menu to a new responsibility which is
aaaaassigned to users who need to have read-only privileges.


aaaCreate a Database user apps_readonly

aaaGrant all the objects/synonyms from apps to apps_readonly

aaaCreate synonym for all the apps objects in apps_readonly

aaaIn Oracle apps, register apps_readonly as a user and Datagroup (Similar to apps)

aaaCreate responsibilities (similar to apps) but attach to apps_readonly datagroup created in Step 4.


aaaCreate read-only responsibilities follow naming convention, all of them should end with same string
aaaae.g. "Read Only".

aaaExtend custom.pll to prevent save function if user responsibility ends with "Read Only".

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